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Chapter Motto: "O" On The Go

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From the February 2000 newsletter
A brief history by John Laird
Do you know your Chapter history? Shortly after becoming the Chapter Director last year, I was going through some of the paperwork given to me from Mike & Barbara Berreman, which contained the guest logs from day one of our Chapter. Since Wilma & I didn’t join WA-O until April of 1991, I didn’t know the early history of the Chapter, but did know where to turn for the answers. Within our Chapter we still have a few Charter Members. Five that we talked to about this article were Frank & Diane Taber, the first Chapter Directors (then called the Area Representative (AR)) and John & Myrna Scrivner, former Assistant Area Representative (AAR) and Kay Beck. Combined with our knowledge of WA-O, Here’s a little history for all of you. Between those five and other Members we came up with some Chapter history to pass along to you. Let’s travel back in time a few years for this brief review.

In the 1980’s and continuing into the early 1990’s, WA-B in Bremerton was a force to be reckoned with in this entire area. Totaling over 260 in numbers, WA-B’s Members came from as far away as the Olympic peninsula and as far south as Gig Harbor and Shelton to the meetings. In 1990, a thought was conceived to have a local Chapter in the Port Orchard area, and early in the year some of the WA-B folks from Port Orchard got together and Charted WA-O.

The first WA-O meeting was held on February 10, of 1990 at the Castaways downtown Port Orchard. As mentioned above, the first AR’s were Frank & Diane Taber. Their Assistant was Rick Highfield (who went on to become WA-G’s first AR). Alan & Debbie Borke was the Treasure, and Chet Bosworth, John Scrivner, & Ruth Sheats were the Ride Captains. At that meeting the group had to come up with a color for the Chapter and black was selected. In total, 62 Members attended the meeting of which 42 signed the guest book as WA-O Members. Along with the visits to the other Chapters in the area, the famous Great Escape was formed under Taber’s leadership. This started out as little bike ride for the Taber’s and soon became a yearly camping weekend “getaway” over to the Winthrop area. Because of WA-O prowess of traveling, the Chapter became known for it’s motto “O on the Go”. Later in the early fall of 1990, several Members from the Gig Harbor area went on to form WA-G. Around that same time WA-O’s first fundraiser came in the form of a “Western Dance”.

In April of 1991 WA-O’s AR role was passed to Alan & Debbie Borke. Alan & Debbie’s parents were the Area Representative down in the Portland area at the same time. The Borke’s tenor at the AR position was brief. Shortly after stepping up to the position, the family was transferred.

Chet & Cathy Bosworth stepped up to the AR position in the late spring of 1991 and selected John & Myrna Scrivner as their Assistant Area Representative (AAR). The Bosworth/Scrivner team were the Officers until 1992. The Chapter was growing and going, thus promoting the “O on the Go” motto. Chet was known to plan last minute rides. In fact, often the call went out on Friday night for a ride Saturday morning. To the outsider, this may have seen to be traveling in reckless abandonment, which would be hard to argue. It was fun however, to be new in the Chapter, go to events when they were new, and do so with your friends. It was common for us to win awards for largest Chapter or get the “Traveling Trophy” at the different Gatherings that our weekends took us. The Chapter got involved in social efforts by helping out needy families during the holiday season then later by adopting a section of State Highway 16 for litter patrol. Our fundraising for the Chapter continued to be the Western Dance. We shared this fundraising with our WA-G friends in Gig Harbor. The dance did not generate a large enough income between the two Chapters, so WA-O started to wash cars at the Best Burgers parking lot downtown for extra revenue.

In 1993, Ron Baugous became the Chapter Director along with Mike & Bijou White as his Assistant Chapter Directors (ACD). WA-O continued to follow the tradition of being on the go visiting other Chapters and attending distant State & Regional events. The fundraising for the Chapter continued to be the western dance and car washes. That year we put on a garage sale as well. It was held at Jim & Sue Davis’s home on Converse Avenue.

In April of 1994, Mike & Bijou White became the Chapter Directors along with Wilma & I as their ACD. I stepped down in 1996 as the ACD to take a District Staff position and John & Myrna Scrivner took our spot. Later, Mike & Barbara Berreman were chosen to be ACDs as well. Mike & Bijou served the longest term as Officers in WA-O. During their tenor, the Chapter was put on the map of being one of the more ‘fun’ Chapters to visit. Several events, such as the February’s Newly Wing Game and November’s Turkey Bowl were part of Bijou’s mischief of making the meetings lively. Mike & Bijou moved up to the District staff at the end of 1997. In 1995, WA-O had their first summer fundraiser, the “Moonlight Ride”. In later years, this was “fine tuned” to a Sunset Ride. Later, we started working the Elma rest stop for additional fundraiser for our Christmas family.

In 1998, Mike & Barbara Berreman became the CDs, with Mark & Kathy Maier and Roger & Linda Kleinendorst as their ACDs. WA-O maintained a steady Chapter through some personal rough times for both the Berremans as well as the Maiers with the loss of family members. We continued with our Summertime Festival for our Chapter fundraiser and also worked the Elma rest stop both in the spring and fall to generate revenue for our Christmas family.

In 1999, Wilma & I became the CDs, with Rick & Megan Thompson as their ACD. Late in 1999, J.R. & Norleen Schumer-Snell became an additional ACD. Our Summertime Festival changed from a Sunset Ride to a Bug Run. In a way, the bug run fit the case. The turnout for the event seemed to have been squashed. The efforts of Barbara Berreman finding merchants to donate items as well as Rick & Megan ‘s tire donation for the Silent Auction was outstanding. Because of this, we did well financially, despite the poor attendance. During our tenor, we tried to get back to riding our bikes more. Our goal was (and still is) to incorporate more weekend rides away from the immediate area. One of those were the Rattlesnake Ride, which Rick & Megan put together for the Chapter. This long weekend ride took us into Montana, Idaho, and Oregon and back to Washington. Later, in August, the Chapter did the Columbia Gorge Run, taking a less traveled road and going into Oregon and back. We added two positions within the Chapter to make our meetings more informative. Those two positions were the Technical and AMA Legislative Coordinators that Frank Taber and Alan Fewel filled. Later, Alan went on the fill the Rider Educator position.

Well, here we are now. This month, February 2000, we will be ten years old. After the weather warms up, we will have a cookout to celebrate our first decade of being that “O on the Go” Chapter that we started out as.